Friday, August 09, 2019

Not a Dox

My Kazakhstan travels made me mostly miss the stupid Joaquin Castro “doxing” charge. What a dumb controversy, made even dumber by the fact that members of the press leading the anti-Castro charge have themselves publicized public information about donors to Democrats.

I think we just need to recognize that giving money to a candidate is a public act. If someone wants to donate to Trump’s campaign (or any other campaign), they should understand up front that anyone can easily look up that information on a public web site. It is equivalent to handing a check in a public square, not a secret ballot. As well it should be if we give a shit about preventing corruption. People can give disproportionate amounts of money so we need to know if we want to police discrepancies in influence. Everyone only gets one vote. So there is no corruption concern that would require public disclosure.