Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Inside Passage

in august 2004, ms. noz and i took a ride down the canadian portion of the inside passage on a boat called the "queen of the north." (this is the closest i came to posting about it at the time). we had a great time, and remember the ship well. we spent a good 12 hours on board passing some truly gorgeous scenery on a perfect summer day.

so it's quite strange to read that the very same ship we took just sank. luckily no one was seriously injured.

it's really hard to imagine that boat going down. it was one of those big study boats with a place for cars to drive on and park on one of the lower levels. even with all the life boats and safety instructions, i never seriously considered what would happen if it sank. on the other hand, i guess the titanic was even bigger. the water was pretty cold up there when visited in august. i can only imagine what it feels like, 100 miles or so short of alaska, in march.