Monday, May 08, 2006

chuck pennacchio fundraiser

i had to wake up early to go out of town for a small claims trial this morning. when i got back to the office, i was surprised to see that the below post was atriosed. thanks A!

meanwhile, while i was driving north early this morning i realized that i completely forgot to plug the chuck pennacchio fundraiser tonight. i always remember that i meant to post stuff while i'm driving, especially when i'm gonna be away from a computer for a couple of hours and won't be able to post. anyway, i'm cutting and pasting from my friend kim's email:
Monday, May 08, 2006: Judy will be sponsoring this very special event at her residence directly above her White Dog Cafe with its mix of fine dining and social activism. Join Judy and the campaign team as they usher Chuck into his final push to take on Rick Santorum for U.S. Senate. This is when Chuck needs you most, so come meet the candidate and give what you can. You'll be glad you did. Donate in advance here.

"I can't stand by while my party elects a Senatorial candidate (Casey) who denies a woman's right to choose, supported right wing judicial nominees and approves the use of nuclear weapons against Iran, when I can vote for a qualified candidate who shares my values. That's why I support Chuck Pennacchio, a pro-choice, anti-war candidate we can count on to make the right decisions." –Judy Wicks, White Dog Cafe

Event Schedule & Details: 7:00 - 9:00 PM
White Dog Cafe
3420 Sansom Street upstairs
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-766-1924
Suggested donation: $100
Advance donations here.
RSVP if you can at
i meant to do that on this site yesterday, after my inlaws left town and i had a chance to blog again. but i forgot. when i remembered in the car this morning, i reassured myself that it wouldn't make all that much of a difference. my site doesn't get all that much traffic, and only a small fraction of that is local.

then i got atriosed. doh.

sorry kim. better late than never, i guess.

UPDATE: holy crap! kosed as well!

...and crooks and liars and cursor (see may 8, 2006, the link under the words "pathetically unequal") and brad delong.