Monday, May 08, 2006

not mine

Iran letter to Bush lifts hopes

but not mine

iran has reached out to the bush administration before, only to be rebuffed. if anything, i think the bush administration is even more likely to blow off the iranians this time around than they were in 2003. it wasn't trying to lay the P.R. groundwork for an iran attack back then

but i guess i could be wrong. this time the iranian overture is public, not through secret back channels. so if the bush administration simply dismisses the iranian letter, it runs of the risk of undermining it's "we exhausted all diplomatic avenues" line i expect it to take once the bombs start to fall.

UPDATE: the initial bush reaction is... a blowoff!

no surprises here. scott mcclellan says the letter doesn't address the white house's concerns. the iranian foreign minister promised to make the letter public once bush receives it, now that scottie has commented on its contents, i'd say that indicates that the white house has received it. so let's see what the letter actually says.