Saturday, May 27, 2006

false starts

i keep starting posts and then deleting them when i realize i don't agree with my original point anymore. i guess that, in itself, is pretty useful. i usually use the blog as a way to work out the thoughts i've been mulling over in my head. sometimes by just committing them to the page it clarifies the strengths and weaknesses of my ideas and generally gets my thoughts in order.

usually however i manage to produce a post or three in the process. today's deletions don't let anyone else into the internal workings of my mind. but i figure that's more your problem than mine.

nevertheless, just to show that i am a kind and merciful blogger, i'll give you this. it's a flickr photoset of the convention i'm at now. no, i didn't take any of the pictures. i'm not in any either (at least not yet as of this writing, although one of my roomates is in one of them). the 1000 or so other people here are invited by the organizers to submit their photos to the official wiscon 30 flickr group. i realize it's not all that interesting if you're not here or don't know anyone in any of the pictures, but maybe it can tide you over until i come up with something i can tolerate long enough to hit that publish button.