Thursday, February 28, 2008

sorry obama...

i'm switching my endorsement. long before i came into the obama camp, i was a fan of the self-proclaimed vampyre candidate, jonathon "the impaler" sharkey.

as dedicated rubber hosers will recall, sharkey ran for governor of minnesota in 2006. despite the strong endorsement from this blog, his campaign ended prematurely because of blatant anti-vampyre bigotry--and the revelation that he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest in the state of indiana.

last year, after sharkey managed to clear up that indiana problem, he set his sights on the presidency. however, there were signs that, once again, he might be forced to drop out after the secret service got wind of his campaign promise to personally impale george bush on a stake if elected.

for some reason the secret service concluded it wasn't a serious threat. so sharkey remains free and it looks like his campaign is still on. at least he still has a campaign web site. the site still features his official list of the folks he promises to impale. it still includes george bush, thus showing sharkey's commitment to the issues. frankly i'm a little disappointed that the other candidates have taken no position at all on impalement. don't believe me? check out their web sites. not one of the remaining candidates will even hint at who they plan to impale.

how can we trust any of them if they won't give real straight talk, real change and real experience in impaling their enemies with wooden stakes?