Wednesday, September 03, 2008

how it plays out

i'm trying to run through my head how this will play out. palin is trying to have the trooper-gate allegations referred to the state personnel board (which is made comprised of three people, all of whom were appointed by governor palin herself), just one month after the state legislature hired a special counsel to look into the allegations.

the special counsel has noticed a deposition, but governor palin says that she will refuse to testify. the special counsel may subpoena her, and if she refuses, presumably he will go to court to have the subpoena enforced. if it is enforced, that means that the republican vice presidential nominee would be subject to arrest. it also means that the trooper thing is going to stay in the news for the remainder of the election cycle.

i wonder if refusing to testify will be seen by the mccain campaign as less damaging than testifying. i imagine so, even though it would further tarnish her credentials as a good government reformer. good government types don't refuse to answer questions about their actions.