Wednesday, September 03, 2008

palin digest

unlike, say, joe biden, sarah palin's views on various issues are not widely known to the public. think progress is assembling a sarah palin digest

i should note again that the vice presidential candidate's views aren't as important as the views of the person at the top of the ticket. historically, when there's a pre-existing disagreement between members of a ticket, the vice presidential candidate tends to change his/her views to correspond to what the presidential candidate thinks. and yet, because mccain is using the appointment to placate his right wing, the nomination can be revealing about what mccain thinks are the issues that he wants to use to reassure his base. also, with mccain being the oldest major party candidate for president in american history, there is the increased risk that his veep might become eep down the road. that's reason enough to scrutinize where she stands on various issues.