Friday, November 27, 2009

out with it

i think at least 80% of my regular readers already know this. but in case you haven't heard it from me in real life or don't read arabic, it's time to end the embargo:

mrs. noz and i have been trying to adopt a baby for some time. but now it looks like it might actually work. barring something else going wrong (and believe me, there has already been plenty of that),it looks like we will go to kazakhstan fairly soon. we will then spend the next two months or so in aktobe (also spelled aqtobe), in the northwest bit of the country and then eventually come home with a baby.

so that's the deal with all those references to being fingerprinted, the two censored comments, the race (which i lost), my musings about pronunciation, the random references to aktobe scattered throughout my posts, that post i wrote the day we got our regional assignment (when we were told would start a 60 day wait before we get our letter of invitation and travel), and the post i scheduled to appear 60 days later, before i realized that the phrase "about 60 days" is kazakh for "165 days". (or something like that--inshallah i'll know the exact number soon). that's also the deal with my not exactly hypothetical question.

so there are big changes ahead, both for this blog and life in general. i cannot yet comprehend what the full extent on those changes will be on either. i guess we will find out eventually.