Thursday, September 30, 2010

no recess

yet another stark display that senate democrats will give into almost any republican demand.

UPDATE: well that's what i get for posting in the early morning when just the original report is out. now that i have more info, it looks like the no-recess thing isn't as bad as i though as harry reid did get something in return for the no-recess appointment arrangement. specifically 54 obama appointments that had been denied in up-or-down vote by the GOP leadership will now go through. none of the 54 are judicial appointments, i wish reid had held out to include at least some of them.

but even putting that aside, this isn't a terrible deal. obama has been fairly slow and reluctant to do recess appointments even though the GOP has blocked a huge number of his nominees from getting a confirmation vote. it was quite possible that the president wasn't going to recess appoint anyone anyway. in return, reid is getting 54 nominees fully confirmed. again, including judicial nominees would have been much better. but this is not the giveaway to the GOPers that i originally thought it was.

(via memeorandum)