Tuesday, April 26, 2011

interview with a birther

a bunch of people have linked to this video of mike signorile attempting to reason with a birther:

what others seem to be getting from the video is how unreasonable and immune to rational discourse winston from alabama is in the video. but what i found most notable is how winston kept assuming that their disagreement over obama's birth certificate had to do with the fact that he was from alabama. again and again the caller defensively suggested that signorile thought that he or other alabamans were uneducated or stupid. winston kept coming back to that even when signorile made it clear that he wasn't saying anything about alabamans, but rather wanted to talk about the facts around obama's birth certificate.

it's fascinating to see the notion that "other people think they're better than me" seems to be a driving force in winston's beliefs about the issue. the facts about obama's birth or how birth certificates work under hawaiian law isn't going to convince a guy like winston. the facts have nothing to do with why he questions the president's origin. it's more visceral than logical.

(via memeorandum)