Wednesday, April 27, 2011


on april 9th, i ordered an ipad 2 from the online apple store. the site warned me there would be a 2-3 week delay before it shipped, but i did it anyway because i didn't want to camp out at the apple store early in the morning and then have to settle for whatever they had in stock.1 i was also kind of betting that i wouldn't really have to wait two weeks as supply problems with a new product tend to work out the longer the product is out. i figured that 2-3 weeks was a worst-case estimate and that really it would probably ship before that, or at least more like two weeks rather than three.

two weeks from april 9th was april 23rd. there's no sign of my ipad and the wait is killing me. killing me dead. i'm completely obsessed with the question of whether my ipad has shipped. every morning i wake up and check my email, hoping to find the message that says the ipad is on its way and every morning (so far) i am disappointed. i reload the "order status" page on the apple site several times a day and the status, "not yet shipped" has not changed.

the odd thing is that it wasn't too long ago that i didn't even want an ipad. when the first ipad came out, my reaction was: "this is just a really big harder-to-carry iphone/ipod touch." admittedly that was influenced by the fact that i was in a city in kazakhstan where wifi was rare and 3G non-existent. so i was well aware that an ipad would be all but useless where i was. but even when i came back it wasn't that appealing. then the ipad 2 came out, and this time i was in the country to be hit with all the hype. around that same time we figured out (thanks to the adoption tax credit and the huge drop in our income in 2010 from extended leaves of absences from work) that we were due a sizable tax refund. the timing was too perfect and i was sold.

but even when i decided i wanted an ipad and placed the order, i wasn't nearly as obsessed with it as i am now. actually, i wouldn't be totally surprised if it came, i fiddled with it for a little while and then moved on to something else. but until then, where's my freaking ipad!?!?!?!

1-because of supply problems, apple is sending a small number of ipads to each apple store each morning and then they are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.