Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"couldn't even carry his home state"

for the past decade that has been al gore's shame. at least i've heard it said numerous times since 2000.

poll averages give obama a comfortable 5 point lead in paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. nate silver currently projects that obama-biden have a 96.7% chance to win that state. it's even worse for romney-ryan in romney's home state of massachusetts. obama has a 19 point lead in the polling average there and silver rates it as a 100% lock for obama. sam wang classifies both of those states as going for obama by a greater than 97.5% chance.

arguably, romney can try to claim that he is also from michigan (where he grew up), or new hampshire or california (where he has second and third homes). but he's projected to lose in all three of those states too, albeit with an outside chance of winning NH (nate silver gives obama only an 84.6% chance of getting those EVs, wang says greater than 80%)

will anyone note that fact after today's election? will romney and ryan have a scarlet L tattooed on their forehead if they fail to carry their home states, just as al gore has in some circles since 2000?