Tuesday, November 06, 2012

voter #153

today is the first presidential election day since 2000 that i'm not doing election protection at the polls. it feels weird, like i'm not doing my part. i wanted to do it. i even registered.  it's just that i wasn't able to fit in the training into my busy schedule. so so much for this year.

anyway, i did vote. current law in PA is all fucked up. the legislature passed a restrictive voter ID law. the law was partially enjoined for this election. but the injunction blocks the part of the law that prohibits people from casting ballots if they don't present an I.D. it doesn't block the part of the law that requires poll workers to ask voters for an I.D. which means what is supposed to happen this year is that when a voter who has voted before checks in a poll worker is supposed to ask the voter for I.D.but the voter gets to vote even if he or she refuses to present an I.D. which seems completely nonsensical, but that's what it is.

there have been all kinds of stories about the confusion surrounding the current state of PA election law. even after the injunction went into effect, some counties were still publicly stating that voters need an I.D. to vote. so i decided that i would refuse to show I.D. when i voted this morning just to see what would happen.

on the door to my polling place i saw this sign and knew that my local poll workers would do it right.

and they did! a man with a name tag that said "minority representative" checked me in (which means he was a republican, the minority party in my township). i gave my name and he asked for I.D. i said i don't want to show it to him, and he said "that's fine" and gave me my ticket to go into the voting booth. yay franchise! tho part of me was hoping he did it wrong so i could make a big stink. oh well.