Friday, February 01, 2013

another worst scandal since watergate?

i wonder if this attack will be turned into a major kerfuffle because the GOPers are still trying to gain traction with benghazi.

since 9/11 attacks on u.s. embassies or consulates have not been uncommon. there was the 2002 attack on the calcutta consulate (5 dead), the 2002 truck bombing at the karachi consulate (12 dead), the 2002 bombing of the consular offices in bali (no one died), the 2003 islamabad embassy attack (2 dead), the 2004 suicide bombing at the tashkent embassy (2 dead), the 2004 raid on the diplomatic compound in jedda (9 dead), the 2006 car bombing at the consulate in karachi (2 dead), the 2006 assault on the embassy in damascus (4 dead), the RPG attack on the athens embassy in 2007 (no one died), the 2008 attack on the consulate in istanbul (2 dead), and the other 2008 attack on that same consulate 6 months later (6 dead), and the 2010 attack against the peshawar consulate (2 guards for the consulate killed).

none of those attacks garnered demands for accountability or hearings as we have seen from the benghazi attack. but of course almost all of the above incidents happened under president bush's watch, so the GOP didn't have a bug up its ass about DOS security when they happened. but i wouldn't be surprised if republicans seize on today's ankara embassy bombing. if they don't it will just make them look like opportunists on benghazi. we certainly can't have them look like that!