Friday, February 01, 2013

feel mccain's wrath!

what that was about is that john mccain feels that he went out on a limb and advocated for the surge back in 2006. in his mind, he was a lonely advocate for the policy when everyone else was writing off the iraq war as a lost cause (in fact he was hardly the only advocate of more troops and iraq was, in fact, a lost cause).

mccain is proud of his vindication in the fact that many now remember the surge as a "success". never mind that whether the strategy actually succeeded is completely up for debate. mccain's view has become the prevailing view in washington, so he is free to root out any heretics. he won't be satisfied with chuck unless hagel cries and begs for forgiveness. and even then, mccain may want him to be tarred and feathered, and then voted down as defense secretary just to show who's boss.

i guess hagel simply doesn't meet mccain's high standards for competence, like his pick for vice president.