Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remember when Mike Huckabee was that likable Republican candidate?

Atrios has already highlighted what an awful human being Mike Huckabee is.

From that same article, Huck's actual proposal for dealing with the refugee crisis is this:
"I just read that Saudi Arabia has offered to build 600 mosques for all of the Muslims that will come to the U.S. or to Europe," he said. "I've got a better idea: Why doesn't Saudi Arabia host them, and we will send some assistance through our charitable organizations for some hospitals and schools? We will design the curriculum for those schools. They won't be madrassas to teach terrorism."
Considering that "madrassa" (مدرسة) is the Arabic word for "school" maybe part of Huckabee's plan is to require the Saudis to only use the English word "school" when referring to the educational institutions attended by refugees. Also, I can't wait to see what Huckabee's curriculum for these schools in Saudi Arabia will look like!