Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trump goes meta

You know, on television, on FOX and CNN, they call it all Trump all the time. Can you believe it? All Trump all the time. 
And by the way, their ratings are through the roof. If they weren't, they wouldn't put me on. I`ll be honest with you. It's a simple formula in entertainment and television. If you get good ratings— if you get good ratings — and these aren`t good, these are monster — then you'll be on all the time, even if you have nothing to say. 
If you come up with a cure for a major, major horrendous disease and;if you don`t get ratings, they won`t bother even reporting it. It`s very simple business. Very simple.
(emphasis added)

I love that the most substantive point Trump has made in this campaign is that people pay attention to him even though most of what he says has no substance.