Friday, December 04, 2015

Chris Christie: rocketing into a statistical tie with last place

This is basically what Atrios has been mocking for the past few weeks, but seriously, how can Matt Bai claim that "Christie is getting his moment" or that his campaign "got a perverse boost" because of the Paris terrorist attacks when the latest poll have him at a whopping 4%. That is the same percentage he had in the prior CNN poll taken between October 14 and 17 (pdf, see pg. 10), which was one month before the Paris attacks.

In the latest poll Christie is in 5th place, a good 8 percentage points behind Rubio, who is in 4th place, and a whopping 32 points behind Trump, who is in the lead. Considering the +/-3% margin of error, Christie is in a statistical tie with just about everyone else: Bush (3%), Fiorina (3%), Huckabee (2%), Kasich (2%), Paul (1%). Hell, at 4% Christie is tied with the number of respondents who said "none" or "no one."