Friday, December 04, 2015

memory lane

One of the joys of keeping up this blog for so long is that sometimes (usually when I am on hold for a long time), I browse through the archives and find these fun posts I wrote a long time ago. Usually I have some kind of mission in mind as I browse. Today's mission: have I ever mentioned that December 4th in my Barnaversary1

The answer is no. But look at all these other fun things I found! Today is the 9th anniversary of the first time I got banned from Pam Atlas' site (I later found out that the ban expired after about a year, so for a couple of years I would calendar the date of my banning plus one year so I could return to have some more fun). It's also the 10th anniversary of that Fuck You Conviser post that still draws visitors to this site on a fairly regular basis (for a while the post was the #2 hit if you google Richard Conviser and I would always be entertained seeing hits with an IP that originated from Chicago-Kent law school where he teaches). And finally, I enjoyed reading my eleven year old reflection on what it is like to guest post on one of the big boy blogs. Those big blogs were actually fairly important back then! (Maybe they still are now. But even if they are, it is not nearly as much as they were in the mid-aughts)

1-That's a word I made up, circa 1983, for the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah. Has it caught on yet? Google says no, but maybe this post will change that!