Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Poor Chris Christie, he jeopardized any lingering credibility he had by becoming Trump's lap dog during the primary. He didn't get the Vice Presidential slot as he hoped, but he carried on. The Republican who used to decry Islamophobia stayed with Trump even as he was mocked for it, with the promise that if Trump's long-shot presidential bid paid off, he would be rewarded for his loyalty. Last week, it looked like his bet paid off. But this week, he is purged, ironically for "disloyalty." Even anyone who Christie brought into the Trump team was fired too, because they were associated with the persona non grata of the moment and that's how autocrats purge.

Unless you are related to Trump or are married to someone who is (and if the latter, you'd better stay married!), I would not assume that loyalty will necessarily be rewarded.