Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Not the SOTU whining

To the surprise of no one who has read this blog for more than a year, I did not watch Trump's not-technically-a-State-of-the-Union-speech-but-really-it-was-a-SOTU-so-shut-up-you-annoying-pedants speech last night. I don't watch SOTU speeches. I don't even watch non-SOTU speeches pretending to be SOTU speeches, because those speeches (whether official SOTU or unofficial pretend SOTU) are always an overhyped substance-free spectacle no matter who is president. What I do like doing is whining about how awful the SOTU always is. Thus the annual tradition here at Rubber Hose.

Want more SOTU and/or fake SOTU whining? I've been doing this for more than a decade. Check out the whine cellar (2009 is the other fake one):
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