Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's wavy plan

So Trump has this idea for an "Arab NATO" (can't we just call it ATO?). Is he aware that just over one year ago the Saudis announced a new Islamic Military Alliance? The alliance still exists, although it doesn't seem to do anything but bomb the shit out of Yemen, which is what member states were already doing before December 2016. Would ATO be a subset of the IMA, only allowing the IMA members which are ruled by ethnic Arabs? Or will ATO let in the Arab nation of Iraq, which has been excluded from the IMA because it is ruled by icky Shi'ites?

Surely our great Preznit has thought through these questions and knows the answer because he is a thinking through and answering kinda guy! This is totally a full-assed proposal.

ASIDE: "Arab Treaty Organization" would be "منظمة المعاهدة العربية" and the Arab acronym could be "ممع", not a word I know but google translate says it means "wavy."