Saturday, February 03, 2018

Cheering the violence encourages violence

If this is really what the Trump Administration is thinking it would be the totally predictable product of decades of the U.S. media mindlessly cheering any American military action and hyping the alleged “rally to the flag” effect.

Look at recent history: the only time that Trump received across-the-board praise from the non-Fox segment of the mainstream U.S. news media is when he did that ridiculous missile strike on a Syrian military base. By any normal measure the strike was ineffective. Syrian planes took off for new bombing raids against the rebels he was supposedly aiding within hours of the strike. Trump ordered the death of people and it did not clearly accomplish anything. And yet, across the board the American foreign policy commentary establishment wet themselves praising the strike. They seem to believe that when we need the president to “do something,” that “something” only counts if people die.

If Trump attacks North Korea and North Korea retaliates as expected, a lot of people will die in both North and South Korea. Responsibility for those deaths will partially be on the heads of media personalities who fetishize American violence and constantly tell those in power the fast and easy way to popularity is to issue an order that kills people.