Friday, February 02, 2018

Trump's Brags about Acing the Cognitive Test is Evidence of his Cognitive Impairment

There is no better evidence that President Trump has cognitive impairment than the fact that he keeps bringing up how he "aced" the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test. The MoCA is only thirty questions/tasks long and they are all very easy questions for any mentally competent adult to get right. The test is designed to detect mental impairments. Even getting a single question wrong would be cause for serious concern.Getting all the questions right doesn't mean you are an intellectual superstar, it just means they can't detect anything wrong with your brain functions yet. Every time Trump crows about his perfect score on the test, what he is really bragging about is that he could name each of these animals when shown the below pictures on the first try, something that most 3-year olds can do.

Not everyone knows what kind of questions are on the MoCA. I would bet that most people outside the mental health care profession don't. (I learned about it from Mrs. Noz, a psychology professor) But the President knows. He just took the test. If he thinks that is something to brag about, then what the fuck is wrong with him?!?!?

The other possibility, of course, is that he didn't take the test and the claims that he passed a mental acuity test was just a lie to counter the growing narrative that Trump exhibits signs of dementia. If simple ignorance about the test is what is driving Trump's brags, then it means that he hasn't really been tested for dementia. So why didn't they test him after so much public discussion about what looks like mental decline?

Whether he took the test or not, this particular boast points to the possibility of serious mental impairment. I don't know whether it is formal dementia or just mind-boggling levels of stupidity. But it does not reassure me that the President is right in the head.