Friday, May 25, 2018

I was into that before it was cool

After Trump canceled the summit with Jong-Un in a huff yesterday, sales of the commemorative coin have really taken off. Much of yesterday, the White House Gift Shop site was down due to heavy volume and the page for that coin in particular often did not load.

So I was feeling pretty smug about all those latecomers, trying to grab a coin only after the summit was canceled. My order went in before the rush. I was cutting edge!

This morning I finally was able to load the page. It is currently selling for $19.95, 1/3 of what I paid two days ago (I got the alleged "sale price" of $59.00, marked down from $75.00). So I guess the joke is on me.

(click to embiggen, c.f. the screen shot I took on Tuesday)

It's also another example of this White House trying to monetize everything but being terrible at business. Demand for the coin went way up after the summit was canceled. They should have jacked the price up.