Thursday, February 18, 2021

#FledCruz > being the Zodiac Killer of the Senate

I'm not pulling an Erickson and saying it doesn't matter, but it is funny how much more attention #FledCruz is getting than, say, all the other shitty things that Cruz has regularly done since he became a Senator. The man is a fucking ogre. Virtually every vote he has taken in the Senate has been awful on the merits. Plus, he shoved his way in front of the line to raise bullshit objections to the 2020 presidential election, and then pretended he wasn't responsible for the violence it produced on January 6

Yeah I know, those pictures on the beach that his government had closed to the public were what finally took down Chris Christie. Cruz flying to Cancun when his constituents are without power and freezing is essentially the same thing, terrible optics. Not just terrible optics, mind you. As Atrios says, if he weren't on vacation he could use his pull to lobby for help. But most of the damage he will suffer because of this is mostly optics. I guess this is just a nice and clear example of how horrible a person Cruz is.