Friday, January 14, 2022

"Be afraid and expect the worst"

Suspected Russian hackers brought down several Ukrainian government web sites today. On one of those sites, the hackers left the message "be afraid and expect the worst." Meanwhile there is growing concern that the Russians will engineer some incident inside Ukraine which will give a pretext for a Russian invasion.

But doesn't that mean that the hackers are undermining the Russian military strategy? I mean the "be afraid and expect the worst" appearing before the incident to justify an invasion happens would just show that the justification is bullshit.

Are the hackers and Russian military planners not communicating with one another? Is the prediction that Russia will use a pretext to invade incorrect? Did one hacker just get a little overenthusiastic and possibly wreck the plan? Could it be the hack is unrelated to a possible Russian invasion (maybe another hacking group just saw an opportunity for mischief without danger of being blamed for it at a time when the whole world is expecting Russians to be the ones who are messing with Ukraine)?

I honestly don't know which one it is.