Monday, March 21, 2022

Worst post ever

I very rarely post about my personal life here. It used to a bit more, but once we adopted Noz Jr. in 2010, I got even more private about that stuff.

Noz Jr. died unexpectedly on March 13. It was totally out of the blue. He went from rough-housing with his friends in our yard to dead in about 36 hours. Even in that last day and a half when he was sick, we had no idea his life was in danger until Mrs. Noz found him unresponsive on that Sunday morning. We are still waiting for all the details but it looks like he had a congenital problem we were not aware of that caused a sudden rupture, infection, and ended his life in such a short time.

Which is why I haven't posted here lately. Emotional devastation will do that to a blogger. Noz Jr. appeared exactly once on this site, an image of his eyes and finger I posted when the court in Kazakhstan finally approved our adoption after an almost one year long court battle. He got a lot bigger than that, and filled my life with more joys and frustrations than I can possibly articulate. When he reached googling age, and especially when he got his own phone and started playing video games using accounts I set up under the username "upyernoz" I figured it would be a matter of time before he found this blog. I don't think he ever did.

For more than a decade he was the center of my life. Rest in peace Aldanyshka.