Thursday, April 21, 2022

Why not do what you demand everyone else do?

Years ago I got tired of bloggers who would write these scathing posts about how "the Democrats should hammer Republicans about X. If they just did that, all of the Democrats' electoral problems will turn around." I did not tire of it because the bloggers were wrong, I just wondered why they were complaining about Democrats not making hay of a message instead of just making hay of that message instead.

Is this post too abstract? Basically I'm complaining about bloggers for complaining about people not pushing a message instead of just pushing that message themselves. For example, instead of asking why aren't Democrats making hay of Republican's clear record of support of Putin, Talking Points Memo could have written a series of posts that said "hey everyone, look at all these examples of Republicans support of Putin" followed by "here's a video compilation of Trump praising Putin": and "here's Sean Hannity siding with Putin" and "here's a photo of the Trump campaign meeting with Lavrov" and "look at the one change that the Trump campaign asked for in the GOIP platform in 2016, it is recognizing Russia's annexation of Crimea, like any Putin stooge would do" et cetera.

If you have a platform, it seems dumb to yell at other people who have a platform for not using that platform correctly. Why not do that with your own damn platform?!?!?

And yeah, I know I am a hypocrite. Just last week I criticized the Democrats for not making hay about stuff. But that assumes I have a platform that is capable of making hay. I don't really think I do.

Also, while this post complains about "bloggers," I realize blogging is over. Really what I say applies to the big wig twits and all the social medes.