Friday, November 11, 2022

What I learned from six months on Truth Social

I mentioned back in April that I had tried to get an account on Truth Social, Devin Nunes' shitty conservative answer to Twitter (the social media site where Trump ran to after Twitter banned him). When I wrote that post in early April they still had not approved my account, but it did go through by the end of that month. Since I was approved, I have occasionally gone on to try to create a ruckus. Despite all my rucki, I have not been banned yet, although a lot of people have blocked me.

Anyway, last month, on roughly my sixth monthaversary on the site, I did my first TS thread, listing all the stuff I learned about TS users from my time on the site. I'm not sure how long TS will be around. Its finances are shaky and it has stopped paying its host. Also the only thing TS has going for it is Trump's presence. But Trump is only over there before he is banned from Twitter, a ban that Elon Musk may lift now that he owns it. Plus, Trump's brand itself might start failing as Republicans turn on him after their red waved failed to materialize this week. So, to preserve for posterity my "what I learned about Truth Socialistanis" thread, here it is in all its glory:

For those with access to the shittiest social media site on the internet, the thread can be found here.