Friday, July 05, 2024

go after the Court

I think the best evidence that Joe Biden isn’t up to this presidential race is not his debate performance (which, admittedly, I did not watch), but the way he has reacted to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has issued a bunch of truly horrendous rulings, staking out remarkably unpopular positions. This would otherwise be a gift to any politician running for the presidency opposed to those policies. Except Biden isn’t really doing anything.

The Supreme Court has, for example, (1) taken away the right to choose whether to have an abortion, (2) decided that the Courts (packed with Trump appointees) not scientists or experts will get to decide whether our air and water is clean, (3) legalized taking bribery after its own members were caught taking bribes, (4) declared that the violent attempts to stop Congress in an insurrection is not a crime of interfering with Congress, with two members of the majority refusing to recuse even when evidence came out that they supported the insurrection, (5) created out of thin air a new rule that Presidents are immune from the crimes committed in office even though the Constitution specifically says that former presidents are subject to prosecution and the founders wrote that a president can be held criminally liable.

A competent presidential candidate in Biden’s situations would bring those things up, over and over again. Sure, the media just wants to talk about his compentency as a candidate rather than focus on the real threat of judicial-assisted authoritarianism this country faces. But what better way to show that you are competent than by going on the attack and changing the conversation to what should be the real issue.

If Biden can’t do that, I really hope that Harris can, and that Harris does soon.