Wednesday, July 03, 2024

It's Biden or Harris vs. Trump

Since last Thursday's debate, people all across Democratistan have been floating their fantasy candidate to replace Joe Biden at the last minute to save the Republic from Donald Trump. There isn't all that much discussion about how exactly that will work. The primaries are over. It is not clear how exactly the swap will work? Who will decide that Gavin Newsom, or whoever the person blabbering on about their ideal candidate should be, will end up being the post-Biden alternative as the presidential candidate? Not Democratic voters!

If you understand how the system actually works, there are really just two options for Democratic presidential candidate at this point: 
  1. Stick with Joe Biden.
  2. Kamala Harris
Okay technically there is a third option, the convention floor fight. But that would be such an obvious colossal disaster that Bill Maher is for it, because of course he is.

Here's the weird thing: most of the fantasy football types don't bother to mention Harris, despite the fact that she is the Vice President (the person whose main job is literally to take over if Biden is not up to being President) on the unstated assumption that she is unpopular and can't win. And yet, Harris does better than virtually all the fantasy candidates in head to head polls against Trump. Plus, she is also the only one who would inherit the reelect Biden war chest if she became the candidate and would not have to start fundraising this late in the game. Anyone else would be crippled with no money to run a national campaign and worse name recognition than Harris.

Realistically speaking, that is the Democrat's choice: stick with Biden, or run with Harris. That's it. Those are the choices. Talking about anyone else is just wasting time.